Ah, the High Priestess.  See the full moon above her head and her eyes closed.  She is connecting…to God or the Universe.  The High Priestess in Biblical terms is “THE PROPHETESS.”  This card along with the Strength card would probably represent Prophetess Deborah who tried to warn men of their weaknesses.  This card also would represent “ISIS.”  ISIS, now depicted as a Goddess who never really was a Goddess…she was just a “mutant.”  (Google it…)

This is my card, along with THE MAGICIAN, STRENGTH and the EMPRESS(Card 3) and as of the last few months… “THE WORLD.”(previously blogged about)

The High Priestess card as you would suspect is the card of the mysterious, hard to reach woman.  So when reading a love reading…this would be a woman a guy would want badly but can’t be with.  I’ve seen it represent the “other woman.”  So if a reader gets a queen and a High priestess…sometimes the guy has another woman the Queen(usually the one calling) doesn’t know about.

I get this card when someone has “spiritual gifts.”  Whether it’s intuition, empathy…prophetic dreams.  Or if they are about to become more receptive to spiritual gifts.


~Phoenyx Amore’~