Tarot of Dreams deck by Ciro Marchetti





The Magician, the manifesting King/Queen.  He/She has control of over the 4 elements.  Air, Earth, Fire and Water.  See that infinity sign…it’s showing his connecting with the “higher power.”  Remember the THE FOOL was not yet “SELF-AWARE.”  THE MAGICIAN is very SELF AWARE and tapped completely into his/her potential.  You will see that symbol in more cards in tarot.  An Ordained(chosen) Magician is one that is trusted to use his “power” for good.   This is a person who is actively accomplishing things.  So much so people are in awe…but remember his/her power source.  Infinity…unlimited…


Thus enters the negative Magician:  This would be like the Bible character “SIMON” who was a Magician but selfish as hell.  It was mainly about him which I imagine would have made his powers weaker.

So this is where the real world meanings come into play.  There really are “MAGICIANS‘ like Moses in existence.

In readings, this card represents creativity, unlimited potential…a charismatic person with great communication skills.  It could represent a “Healer” or extremely gifted doctor.

Negative:  This would represent the used care salesman who would sell you your own shit with interest.  A lying ass person who doesn’t know the truth from a lie.  They are willing to say whatever and do whatever to gain what they want.  RUN.  This would be the doctor prescribing sugar pills for every ailment to save money.  Again…RUN>  😉


~Phoenyx Amore’~