I decided to skip around a bit out of order and talk about THE WORLD card which is the last card in the “MAJOR ARCANA”   You see each corner is each element.  Air, Earth, Fire…Water.  Do you see who is in the middle of this card?!  THE FOOL!!  Remember him?  The soul without thought that was riding that ball in FAITH.  I’ve noticed I come up as this card often when I am doing my own spreads, especially spiritual spreads.

As I’ve been putting my websites all in order.  And I finally get why…THE FOOL has completed his journey.  THE FOOL is where he/she was supposed to be.  THE FOOL learned his/her lessons and is now


So this would be one who has mastered all of spiritual gifts.    “Magician(Manifestation), High priestess(prophetic), Strength(inner strength/faith…spiritual warrior), and others.(By no means does it mean perfect.)

The “JOURNEY” is through the MAJOR ARCANA.  THE FOOL is CARD 0, remember CARD 1 is the MAGICIAN.  CARD 2 is the High Priestess which I will talk about next week sometime.


So the meaning of the WORLD card is completion.  Sometimes it can mean endings for the best.  Let’s say there was a terrible relationship and the person finally learned their last lesson from that situation…THE WORLD may indeed come up representing the ending with the lessons learned.

In some readings THE WORLD represents travel out of the country.


Reversed or Negative – THE WORLD could mean someone was just about to finish their lesson and something happened.  It’s incomplete…not finished.  OR a cancellation of a trip out of the country.


 My e-books will have more of an expansion on the card meanings