I decided to use two different images to speak about THE EMPRESS.  The above is from the deck I primarily use to read.  The below is from a deck I previously used and own.  The above shows one meaning of the EMPRESS…mother.  Clearly this women is nourishing a baby.  If you look at the image, you notice the vegetables, etc.  It’s symbolism of nourishment.

THE EMPRESS represents Unconditional Love as a mother would have for her child.



The below Empress represents a very attractive woman.  If you notice this woman’s curves…well…she is a woman.  The Empress represents either a mother or a wife if you’re reading for someone.  This is a grown ass woman who sits above all “THE QUEENS” which are considered “court cards.”  Also, the Empress can represent a business woman that knows her shit.  She’s a leader just as much as “THE EMPEROR” which is card 4.

Here is the cool thing…in Biblical speak…THE EMPRESS would represent EVE and EMPEROR would represent ADAM.  Notice the woman is #3 and the man is #4.  We can let folks speculate on what that means.  But do remember, Eve’s intuition or her connection to “God.”  😉