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Ya…I flipped it on ya’ll asses….I pulled myself out of WAR.  Time to focus on my shit.  GoDaddy was having all kind of damned problems anyway.  I had to keep it moving over here. I told the damn man it wasn’t me.  He kept telling me some stupid shit.  I’m like…mmmhmmm,I got this. I’m telling […]

I had made reference to the Wheel of Fortune in channeling session just yesterday so figured I talk about the Wheel of Fortune.       This is the Wheel of Fortune:  CARD #10 This is the card of destiny.  Remember there is Destiny then there is Free Will.  If you notice all the zodiac […]

THE HERMIT/THE MAGICIAN  Psalm 23:4  :  Even when I walk through the darkest valley, I will not be afraid, for you are close beside me. Your rod and your staff protect and comfort me. Remember when I said I was going through a spiritual boot camp.  I understand some of the dreams about snakes/wolves etc was […]

    I decided to use two different images to speak about THE EMPRESS.  The above is from the deck I primarily use to read.  The below is from a deck I previously used and own.  The above shows one meaning of the EMPRESS…mother.  Clearly this women is nourishing a baby.  If you look at […]

THE HIGH PRIESTESS – II       Ah, the High Priestess.  See the full moon above her head and her eyes closed.  She is connecting…to God or the Universe.  The High Priestess in Biblical terms is “THE PROPHETESS.”  This card along with the Strength card would probably represent Prophetess Deborah who tried to warn […]

  THE WORLD – CARD XXI       I decided to skip around a bit out of order and talk about THE WORLD card which is the last card in the “MAJOR ARCANA”   You see each corner is each element.  Air, Earth, Fire…Water.  Do you see who is in the middle of this […]

THE MAGICIAN – CARD #1 Tarot of Dreams deck by Ciro Marchetti       The Magician, the manifesting King/Queen.  He/She has control of over the 4 elements.  Air, Earth, Fire and Water.  See that infinity sign…it’s showing his connecting with the “higher power.”  Remember the THE FOOL was not yet “SELF-AWARE.”  THE MAGICIAN is […]